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More information about Online Giving at Downey:

Our online giving portal is available to share:

  • Weekly tithes/offerings*
  • Special causes*
  • Capital Campaign: “Awaken the Space”*
  • Payments for events, trips, etc
  • Room reservation fees
  • Wedding deposits
  • Other (for anything else that doesn’t fit into one of the categories on the next page: please make sure to type a note in the box next to “Other” to let us know what you are contributing to or paying for)

You make securely make a one-time gift and/or set up a recurring weekly/monthly donation on the following page using a debit or credit card. If you have questions about our online giving, please reach out to our Treasurer at [email protected]. You may optionally create an online profile for our online giving system, which will securely store your information to be able to view online giving history and more easily give online again in the future.

Please note that we incur a fee for all debit/credit card transactions of up to 3.5% of the amount you make. If you would like to help us offset this fee by adding on a small additional amount it would be greatly appreciated.

*Donations, tithes, and offerings to support the church are fully tax-deductible, including special causes and our capital campaign. Transactions for events, trips, or anything in which goods or services may be exchanged are considered “payments” and may not necessarily be tax-deductible and/or only partially tax-deductible for the amount beyond the value of the good or services exchanged. Please consult our treasurer or a tax professional if you have questions.


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