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Downey Avenue is an open-minded, inter-generational congregation with a shared commitment to work for social justice, care for creation, and celebrate the rich diversity of Gods’ people. Our shared mission is to be “Transformed by God’s radical love to build a welcoming church, a just community, and a sustainable world.”
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SUNDAYS – What To Expect…

We worship every Sunday morning at 10:15 am, with Sunday School classes, Small Groups, and fellowship for children, youth, and adults of all ages. Our blended worship style offers a fresh worship experience within one of historic Irvington’s most beautiful sanctuaries with inspiring sermons and a wide range of beautiful music. Come just as you are – you will find all kinds of caring people, some wearing suits and dresses and others in t-shirts and shorts. Our nursery is open every Sunday from 9:00am until after worship for those who want a safe, nurturing environment for young children.

Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, you are invited to join us this Sunday!  All who attend are invited to participate fully in our worship service; communion is celebrated each week in worship and is open to ALL to people.


Unanimously adopted by the congregation on July 15, 2018

We offer the following “Future Story” as the vision for our community to guide our ministries, decisions, and priorities over the next few years. Imagine a future where we can soon say…

Welcome to Downey, where we have been on a journey to be Transformed by God’s Radical Love. As a result of our willingness to see ourselves with clear and compassionate sight, we live more fully not only as a church but as people in the community beyond our walls. We have become the carpenters of a revitalized Downey Avenue Christian Church built on the foundation of our new mission statement.

Together, we are called to be Transformed by God’s radical love to build:

A Welcoming Church

Downey is a welcoming church that has become known widely in the community as an open and affirming place of worship for people of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Everyone who enters is greeted warmly with a smile and a chance to connect at our inviting welcome center. Our renovated parlor is a comfortable gathering space, where people look forward to intimate conversations and building new relationships. We connect more personally with our church family through small groups, bible study, and fellowship. Within these walls, children and youth fill the halls and worship spaces, and the echo of their voices and footsteps fill us with joy. We are an uplifting place to celebrate and laugh together, as well as a safe place to grieve and receive support in difficult times. We have worked to make the language and practices of our church more inclusive, so that each person may discover the sacred reflection of the divine image in which we were all made.

A Just Community

We have honored our commitment to build a just community by offering our facilities as sacred space that breathes life into our mission. Our basement houses a new mission and outreach center that is a place of respite to those in need. We commit to treat our neighbors with compassion by broadening the scope of our work with ICAN. Performing Arts and other ministries expand our awareness of opportunities to work for social justice. We engage with community and global partners, as individuals, as a congregation and alongside people of other faiths. We seek out experiences, educational platforms, and mission trips to enhance our perspectives of vital issues in our time. Through all this and more, we inspire each other to work for justice and live Downey’s mission in our daily lives.

A Sustainable World

Toward a sustainable world, we have sought to be part of the change that heals the earth and instills respect for all creation. The work of our Creation Care team is an integral part of our community life through hands-on service projects to help make our world a better place. We are intentional about sustainable practices in our daily operations and worship. Our lawns are cultivated into gardens to feed the hungry. We power our space through the renewable energies of the earth and sun. We hold each other accountable to reflect on our daily habits as sacred rituals that can become ways to honor God’s creation. We encourage our church family to consider their own choices at home and work. Together, we nourish our bodies and souls while nurturing the one world that sustains us all.

We still have work to do. We will be asked to do more, sacrifice more, and embrace the exciting change that is yet to come. Sometimes there will be pain and discomfort, but we welcome that too, safe in the knowledge that we care for each other as we continue to live our mission to be…

Transformed by God’s Radical Love to build a Welcoming Church, A Just Community, and A Sustainable World

Click here to read our current church by-laws that were adopted in July 2018 to help us implement our mission and vision.

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